Madison Spotlight

  1. installation

    Mayor Perriman being sworn in at GMA.

    Perriman Elected to GMA

    Mayor Fred Perriman was recently elected and installed as Third Vice President of the Georgia Municipal Association. Continuing active involvement in GMA , Mayor Perriman is now undertaking the role of an officer of the Board of Directors.

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  1. renovation

    City Hall 1938 blueprint

    City Hall renovation

    Over the years the interior of the 1939 Madison City Hall has had walls added, ceilings lowered, and paneling installed covering the classical details and obscuring original space. 2021 is the year this will all be reversed!

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  1. inspiration

    Free Little Art Gallery

    free little art gallery

    The newest, coolest addition to Downtown is the Free Little Art Gallery – a place for EVERYONE to see art, to place art, and to obtain art. Stop by the Gallery on W. Jefferson today and participate!?

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