Volunteer Awards

David Nunn, Dianne Yost, and Fred Perriman


Ms. Dianne Yost
Always on call for any Madison Main Street Event, Diane is a volunteer you can count on to be upbeat and tireless. Her creativity and energy are particularly helpful in her service on the Main Street Promotions Team. 

This year, she spearheaded the creation of a new retail promotion - “Shop, Sip & Stroll.” Her enthusiasm made planning and execution appear seamless for this busy event which greatly appealed to shoppers and merchants. 

Since 1996, Dianne has participated in various roles – advisory, board member, and ultimate volunteer – in support of Main Street’s efforts to make Downtown Madison an attractive and vital center of the community. 

Dianne, thank you so very much.

David Nunn, Karl Scott, and Fred Perriman

Superlative Service Award

Mr. Karl Scott
Karl serves on our Greenspace Conservation Commission and provides vital service for the trails committee on a weekly basis. He is a thoughtful citizen planner, defining and expanding a real trail system to connect our community. 

Unfearful of branches, ticks, and property lines, he has scouted the best of our openspaces and naturalized areas to identify the best routes and viewsheds for future trails. 

Karl’s positivity is inspiring even during the boring planning stages, when so few can patiently endure the time delays, starts and stops, and tedious details which are part of the pre-construction effort. 

Karl has vision; tenacity to execute; muscles to chop and clear brush; and endurance to make ideas into reality. He is the leading force for implementing our first “model mile”, a trail envisioned from the edge of Downtown the great new Morgan County School Campus. 

Thank you so very much for your service, Karl.

David Nunn, Flynn Clyburn, and Fred Perriman

Inspirational Leadership Award

Mr. Flynn Clyburn
Flynn is in his third year as Chair of the Historic Preservation Commission. Under his leadership, the board has continued to protect Madison’s greatest asset – our Historic District. 

The HPC’s committees have been reinvigorated under Flynn’s direction. His annual challenge to his fellow commissioners for new committee work bolsters monthly design review with projects touching on all aspects of historic preservation. He checks in with staff frequently providing much appreciated advice and support. 

Flynn’s diplomatic and calm demeanor during meetings means applicants, commissioners, and the public are not only heard, but listened to. The result is best summed up by a comment sent by a resident: “Please accept my thanks for the kindness that was shown me at the meeting and for taking lots of time that evening to explain not only what but why those changes were needed.”

Flynn, we appreciate you - your efforts and your dedication in the stewardship of Madison’s heritage.