GA Initiative for Community Housing

GICH "Wanna-Bes"

In 2014, Madison recognized that housing matters warranted more focus and revived a version of its former housing board. With planning staff concentrating upon a housing inventory and a residential study, the University of Georgia's GICH Program - entering its Anniversary 10th Year - offered the perfect opportunity to educate local housing leadership. So we applied!
GICH Program Description (PDF)
2014 GICH Application (PDF)
GICH Selection & Press Release (PDF)
2014 Annual Report (PDF)
About GICH (UGA Website)

Lively Freshmen

Madison's GICH Team, including representatives from city, county, and school system, attends 2 retreats a year to learn and share with 14 other communities. Housing experts and state officials are increasing our awareness and helping us develop a work program.
Spring Retreat (Macon) - Summary (PDF)
Educational Worksession Schedule (PDF)
$1,000 Mini-Grant Received for Data Collection
FACS Magazine - Fall 2015 (PDF)
Madison GICH Team Report (PDF) (10/2/15)
Fall Retreat (Tifton) - Summary (PDF)
Madison GICH Team - Mission Statement, Goals & Objectives (PDF)
Georgia Housing Conference, Athens (2 Team Members Attended) > NEW: Tenant Complaint Form
2015 GICH Annual Report (PDF)

Rising Sophomores

With 3 working committees - Neighborhood Engagement, Existing Building Stock, and Future Land Use, the GICH team is making great progress. Each committee advances the work program and the culmination of work product is bringing new opportunities home.
Neighborhood Cleanup I | Canaan (Spring)
Madison GICH Team Report (PDF) (2/22/16)
Spring Retreat (Dublin) - Summary (PDF)
Housing Solutions for Cities, Athens (2 Team Members Attended)
FACS Newsletter - Spring 2015 (PDF)
$306,000 CHIP Grant - Housing Rehabilitation - May 2016
$500,000 CDBG Grant - Neighborhood Stabilization - Sept 2016
Madison GICH Team Report (PDF) (9/20/16)
Fall Retreat (Gainesville) - Summary (PDF)
2016 Annual Report

Joyful Juniors

The GICH Team is now an educated and well-honed group of dedicated volunteers. The team is also highly focused upon: servicing our neighborhoods, expanding partnerships, facilitating housing opportunities, and sharing the housing good news.
Madison GICH Team Report (PDF) (2/2017)
Spring Retreat (Albany) - Summary (PDF)
Madison GICH Team Report (9/2017) Fall Retreat (Athens) - Summary
2017 Annual Report