Canaan Historic Neighborhood

Brief Description of the Subarea

This subarea is comprised mostly of single-family residences occupied by working class African-Americans, follows the traditional grid-pattern of development, and still contains great historic resources. 

In the Canaan neighborhood, the consolidation of schools and the eventual closing of the Burney Street at-grade railroad crossing led to the decline of the small institutional/commercial hub. However, three anchor institutions survive – the historic St. Paul's A.M.E. Church, Rose of Sharon (former C.M.E. Church), and the Jones & Turner Funeral Home. The subarea is also bordered by the Morgan County Middle School, the Boys & Girls Club, and an extremely well-run public housing complex, Morgan Homes.


The primary goals are to reinforce housing within the area, create an abutting neighborhood commercial/service node, and improve neighborhood connectivity and amenities.

Development proposals shall execute one or more of the following:
1) Rehabilitation of viable residential structures;
2) Development of neighborhood service/commercial structures;
3) Development of neighborhood amenities;
4) Improvement of stormwater systems in the neighborhood;
5) Connectivity to public sidewalk system;
6) Installation of a five (5) foot public sidewalk and street trees along public rights-of-way.