Ricketts Trust

The Ricketts Environmental Excellence (T.R.E.E.) Trust

Managed by the Madison Greenspace Commission (GSC), the T.R.E.E. Program fosters the replenishment of Madison's valuable and gracious trees through the stewardship of the Ricketts Fund and awarding of annual TREE Grants. 

Management of the Ricketts Fund

The GSC established a non-expendable trust fund for trees with the $25,500 bequest of Mr. Gwyn T. Ricketts. Interest on the trust is used to offer annual TREE Grants, a shared community investment program planting 10-15 trees each year. The GSC reserves the first 5% of interest each year to augment the Ricketts Fund, also supplemented by donations from participants and the community.
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Help Us Grow the Ricketts Fund

 Contributions to made to the Ricketts Fund are tax-deductible. The Ricketts Fund is an independent, dedicated fund - its monies
can not be commingled with any other funds nor used for other purposes. The Ricketts Fund is subject to an annual audit and is
an open public record. 

Make a donation to plant for future generations in Madison.

c/o Ricketts Fund - GSC, PO Box 32, Madison, GA 30650
DONATE: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100

TREE Grant Application
 Established January 10, 2001, this program
 honors the bequest of


 Mr. Ricketts, originally of
 Eufala, Alabama, spent much of his life
 in Atlanta and its environs.
 As a designer, he recognized the need
 for beauty in the home
 and in one's environment.
 The elegance of many of Madison's
 homes and public buildings
 are a direct result of his input
 and volunteer commitment.
 Upon his death, Mr. Ricketts
 bequeathed equal portions
 of his estate to the Georgia cities
 of Madison and Covington
 for the purchase of trees.