Madison Spotlight

  1. planting

    Man planting a tree.

    t.r.e.e. time

    With the arrival of cooler weather and fall leaves, it is time to consider planting next year’s shade cover. Consider a Ricketts tree for your yard – both beautiful and useful!

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  1. prevention


    covid-19 updates

    While essential public services such as Police, Fire, and Public Works are continuing normal operations, certain community events, meetings, and programs are being canceled and/or rescheduled in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  

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  1. renovation

    City Hall 1938 blueprint

    City Hall renovation

    Over the years the interior of the 1939 Madison City Hall has had walls added, ceilings lowered, and paneling installed covering the classical details and obscuring original space. 2021 is the year this will all be reversed!

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