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Household Recycling Items

Please recycle:

  • All Cardboard (e.g., cereal and laundry detergent boxes, 6/12 pack beverage boxes, shoe boxes, cardboard boxes)
  • All Glass Containers (all colors and types of glass - no sheet / window glass, no light bulbs please) As of 2/1/2016 glass will not be accepted for curbside recycling.       
  • All Metal Containers (e.g., aluminum cans, bi-metal and tin cans, aluminum pie pans and foil - please rinse)
  • All Paper (e.g., newspapers, catalogs, phone books, magazines, all paper, junk mail)
  • All Plastic Containers labeled No. 1 through No. 7 (Plastics are labeled with a number in a triangle, often on the bottom; e.g., soda bottles, milk jugs, and laundry bottles with caps - please rinse)
  • All Styrofoam labeled for recycling (No. 6, technically this is considered a plastic; no Styrofoam peanuts please)

Note: No clothes, shoes, rubber, hangers, or unlabeled styrofoam.
For additional items, see hazardous waste recycling items.