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Volunteer Opportunities
Giving Back to Your Community
One of the most wonderful aspects of our community is that so many citizens are willing to give graciously of their time to improve our community and the lives of others.

Joining a small close-knit community, there are many opportunities to get involved. Whereas some individuals can give financially, most of us have the option to give of our time – in small or large portions, periodically or regularly, and indoors and outdoors.

Community Spirit
If you are looking for a way of expressing your community spirit or contributing to your community, please consider being a volunteer today.

New - Volunteer Madison!
A new network is being established to allow for greater public service in our community.

Helpful Tips
  • Volunteer needs may be posted for service programs, activities, or events inside the city by local (meaning Madison or Morgan County):
    • Non-profit organizations
    • City-licensed special events
    • Businesses sponsoring an activity
  • Volunteer postings will not be edited; they will be posted as submitted.

Volunteer Madison! Actions

Please Note: The Volunteer Madison! network will only be helpful if folks post volunteer opportunities. If you see a call for volunteers elsewhere in our community and would like to help volunteer seekers, send the description to Planning and Development.