Madison, GA

  1. 1. Area of Interest

    (Please complete a separate application for each municipal board or positition on which you would like to serve.)

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Madison, GA

  1. 3. Background Information

    The following questions are optional and are included as an effort to insure that appointments represent all segments of the population of Madison, where reasonably possible with due consideration of board/position obligations and commitments, education, demonstrated interest, etc.

  2. Registered Voter

  3. Non-City Residents may serve on the Downtown Development Authority provided they own a downtown business. Please indicate the name of the business you own.

  4. Non-City Residents may serve on the Corridor Design Commission provided they own a business on the Corridor. Please indicate the name of the business you own.

  5. Non-City Residents may serve on the Public Arts Commission provided they are associated with a Madison business or nonprofit. Please indicate the business or nonprofit you are associated with.

  6. 4. Education/Experience

  7. (Although some boards/positions have requisite areas of education/experienc, qualified layperson(s) are also eligible for appointment.)

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Madison, GA

  1. 5. Contributions/Intentions

  2. 6. Other Comments or Information

  3. I have been informed and understand the obligations and commitments required by this board/position. If appointed by the Mayor and Council of the City of Madison, I agree to serve and faithfully execute the obligations and commitments of said board/position for the duration of the term of appointment. In all respects, I will uphold the ordinances and policies of the City of Madison in a professional and courteous manner and fully divulge any and all potential conflicts of interest. I hereby certify that the information I am submitting is complete and accurate. I understand that checking "Affirm" below acts as my signature on this form.

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