Court Appearance

Court Rules

Basic Rules of Court Conduct

  • Be on time
  • Proceed through security checkpoint in an orderly fashion    
  • Allow officers to check all bags, packages, and belongings for prohibited items

Prohibited Items

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Electronic equipment such as video, voice recorders or cameras (unless approved by the court) 
  • Food, beverages, chewing gum, tobacco
  • Cellphones must be on silent mode in courtroom – do not answer calls inside courtroom 

Dress Code (Items Prohibited)

  • Hats are to be removed inside the courtroom (except those worn for religious purposes)
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothing, including T-shirts depicting sex, violence, illegal drugs, profanity, or displaying gang  or hate slogans
  • Tube or halter tops/plunging necklines/midriffs, miniskirts, short shorts
  • Baggy pants that fall  below the natural waistline
  • Chains worn on clothing, with a wallet, or as a necklace

Court Interpreter Services

  • A request for a language interpreter can be made at your first court appearance or to the Court Clerk in advance.
  • Your case will not be heard until an interpreter is made available to you. 
  • You will not be charged for these services.