Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program

Greenspace & Growth

Madison is one of less than a handful of Georgia cities to initiate a Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Program. Unlike traditional agricultural-oriented programs, this TDR Program concentrates on the protection and connection of vital pockets of natural habitat, riparian areas, and greenspace within an existing built environment.

Pilot Program

Program participation is voluntary and based on eligibility. Property owners of designated "sending parcels" may opt to sever and sell their right to build a dwelling - a transferrable development right (TDR). Property owners or developers of designated "receiving parcels" may opt to buy TDRs to increase the number of housing units permitted on their property.

The TDR program combines strategic planning and financial incentives to accommodate growth while protecting greenspace. For more information, email Planning

Recent Success

In July 2015, the City put its ordinance to the test, with a little help from the Athens Land Trust and the Riverview Foundation (Greenspace, press release (PDF)) and cooperation from the Downtown Development Authority (Growth, press release (PDF)). Madison placed under conservation easement 25 acres, which will be open to the public for passive recreation.

Round Bowl SpringRound Bowl Spring-Entrance Arbor
 Park & Trail

1.4 acre tract
Adjacent to the City's original water source and Downtown Madison, with trails, native plants, spring runs, and a stream

PresidentsFuture Presidents Park
 Park & Trail

2.5 acre tract
Bottomland hardwood forest containing a tributary of Horse Branch and future site of vital greenspace and recreation for an underserved neighborhood

Pritchard Farm Cemetery & TrailPritchard Farm

19.0 acre tract
Oak-Hickory-Pine Forest and successional meadow, reserved for the City's future rural cemetery expansion

Tanyard BranchFuture Tanyard Branch Park
 Park & Trail

3.0 acre tract
Bottomland hardwood forest and its namesake water source

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| Ordinance: Code, Chapter 54
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Forms & Samples

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 Conservation Properties

| Presidents Park (see left)
| Pritchard Farm (see left) | Round Bowl Spring Park (see left)
| Tanyard Branch (see left)