W. Washington St. Gateway

Brief Description of the Subarea

This area is a primary entrance corridor to the community mostly comprised of vacant structures, overt slum and blight conditions, and waning businesses. Neighborhood and general commercial uses, as well as two trailer parks, once grew beyond the railroad displacing traditional single-family residential along the primary street. As Eatonton Road emerged as the General Commercial Corridor, this area became less desirable for commerce. Both trailer parks have ceased operation and have been cleared. Fifth Street, forming an awkward intersection with the point of W. Jefferson and W. Washington streets, has become a backdoor entrance through a former historic recreational area.

Goals for the Subarea

There are six distinct character areas within the W. Washington Gateway. Please reference the plan for more details regarding the goals, which may vary per character area. URP Section 3 (PDF)

The Overall Area Development & Building Plan for Character Areas #1-6 includes, and development proposals shall execute, one or more of the following:
1) Creation of a gateway point park and pedestrian bridge/trail network;
2) Rehabilitation/Infill Construction of residential cottage structures;
3) Rehabilitation/New Construction of three sentinel warehouses;
4) Construction of congregate surface and structure parking;
5) Creation of a new commercial corridor;
6) Creation of a public boardwalk and industrial character along railroad.