Madison Muncipal Airport

Airport Authority

The members of the Mayor and City Council currently serve as the City of Madison's Airport Authority. Management of the Madison Municipal Airport falls under the City Manager and the business of the airport authority is conducted within the Mayor & Council meetings.

Airport Terminal

Operational oversight for the airport is based in the terminal building, which was recently improved to offer a welcome to pilots and vistors. The City of Madison also supplies a courtesy car for use by those visiting the terminal.

Airport Improvements & Expansion
The engineering firm of Jordan, Jones & Goulding (now Jacobs) developed the current airport expansion plan. The plan sets forth stages for both improvements and expansion as to best utilize available federal and state funding as the city budget permits and to improve both safety and capacity of this municipal facility.

Review the 2006 Airport Layout Plan Update (PDF)
View the 2011 Airport Expansion & Future Projects Presentation (PDF)