Comprehensive Planning


The Madison Plan [2017-2037] provides a community guide for policy makers, planners, citizens, and investors to encourage balanced growth in land use decision-making.

The plan was reviewed by the Northeast Georgia Regional Center and the Department of Community of Affairs prior to adoption by the Mayor and City Council, February 11, 2019.


|  Madison Plan [2017-2037] (PDF)

|  Participation Techniques (PDF)
|  Assessment Tools - Atlas (PDF)
|  Assessment Tools - Measures (PDF)
Implementation Strategies (PDF)

20YR Vision Statement

Madison is a small, close-knit community which proudly displays its natural beauty and historic heritage while embracing its bright future. 

Madison has a vibrant economy comprised of a healthy balance of retail, commercial, office, and industrial business - offering enriching educational opportunities and housing options appropriate for all income levels and every phase of life. 

Madison is a safe, peaceful town that embraces all its citizens and visitors and provides resources for all ages, income levels, and backgrounds. 

Madison offers a range of employment opportunities and a variety of shopping, recreation, and entertainment options attractive to all – making Madison the small town in which to live, work, learn, and play.

A wheel diagram of all the planning components.


  • Fred Perriman, Mayor
  • Joe Diletto, Councilmember
  • David Nunn, City Manager
  • James Woodard, MC Schools
  • Megan Morris, MC Hospital
  • Bob Hughes, Chamber/ED
  • Ellen Ianelli Sims, CVB
  • Clifton Hanes, DDA
  • Eric Joyce, HPC
  • David Land, GSC
  • Sonny Pennington, CDC
  • Judy Thomas, HOC
  • Lynn Treadwell, CSC
  • Robert Trulock, P&Z
  • Cheryl Bland
  • Teresa Dorsey
  • Julie Speyer
  • Alan Orr
  • Jimmy Wyatt
  • Facilitator | Jessica Tullar, AICP
  • CP&CD Director | Monica H. Callahan
  • Email the Planning Department