About Madison

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"These small-town jewels...offer a wealth of shopping, dining, and outdoor activities. Best of all, they're blessed with charm, history, and Southern hospitality, and they're located within an hour's drive of Atlanta." ~ Southern Living Vacations, "Highway Treasures," 2001

High Standards

Visitors to the City of Madison are often initially struck by the same things - the clean streets, the myriad beds of seasonal flowers, and the picturesque residences lining historic streets surrounding the charming downtown area. These aspects of our community, which give visitors and newcomers alike a strong and deeply pleasant impression of the city, are not accidents, nor are they the result of simple good fortune on the part of Madison's citizens. They are a result of the strong stewardship of the city's past and present mayors, council members, managers, and citizens.

Madison today bears the fruit of years of careful administration and activism. A strong citizen corps of volunteers tend the city through service on our various civic boards. This constant citizen input helps the city's elected officials to maintain, preserve, and build that which all of Madison's residents prize - a vibrant, viable, and safe community in which to live, work, and raise their families.

High Quality of Life

Madison is truly one of Georgia's greatest small towns. When the community receives accolades or awards, it is not news to community leaders. It reflects the quality of life our community enjoys and the high standards we have set for ourselves. Madison is:

  • a great place to see, if you love historic homes and inviting gardens;
  • a great place to visit, if you like small town America and Southern charm;
  • a great place to raise a family, if you appreciate folks who look out for one another;
  • a great place to live, if you like personal connections and getting involved;
  • a great place to retire, if you are drawn to being part of a real thriving community instead of a gated community;
  • a real town - diverse, lively, thoughtful, and engaging - with a sense of place.