Code & Regulations

City Charter

The City of Madison is currently governed by the City Charter of 2006, operating under the Manager-Council form of local government.

Official Code

The City of Madison codified its ordinances in the Official Code of the City of Madison, adopted on May 10, 1999, as amended.

Chapters Incorporated by Reference in the Code


The City of Madison provides online access as a service to the citizens of Madison, and documents online are made available for the convenience of the public. Every effort is made to keep information provided online accurate and up-to-date. Even so, the City Clerk's office may have revised or additional information that is not posted online. If discrepancies exist between the print and online versions, the print version, together with any revisions or additions, shall be considered correct. To determine if any revisions or additions have been made to a particular document, please contact the City Clerk.